vloader2 Deluxe v2.8   Full version 2.8   Jan 20 2006   7.29 MB

Easy to use automated frontend for Warzone2100
Loads Mods,Maps,settings, etc.. also able to set video and in game settings.
Includes Warzone2100 sounds, the v1.10a 300 units EXE, plus other handy features.
Includes the full official v1.10 patch for auto file repair during Patch and Mod switching.
Detects Virtual Drive (Requires Virtual Drive installed) but not required!.
Reduces game coruption, and much more. See all five screen shots below...

vloader2 Deluxe v2.8
Jan 20 2006
vloader2 Deluxe top preview

4Added where vloader2 Deluxe automatically clears and cleans its own settings during new installations.

4More user friendly when installing or uninstalling.

4vloader2 Deluxe few other bugs fixed.

4Modified VirtualDrive-Setup so its not so bothersome and can be bypassed easily now.

4Added some new features to VirtualDrive-Setup.

4Updated VirtualDrive-Setup with some new help + help buttons - etc..

4VirtualDrive-Setup various bugs fixed.

Less than 8 MB

Includes all
the previous
patch fixes.

vloader2 Deluxe TOOL Purpose   x Not needed for v2.8 Description Format
vloader2 Deluxe RegistryRemover Completely cleans and removes all the vloader2 Deluxe registry entrys.Requires new installation of vloader2 Deluxe after ran plus the v2.7c patch. Follow the simple instructions in the readme.txt file. This resolves a few rare installation and misc other problems. (read the readme file included in this package for more information and detailed instructions)

	Latest version below:

	vloader2 Deluxe Update v2.80
	N.A.S.D.A. Products 1-20-2006

v2.8 (Jan 20,2006)
Uninstall vloader2 Deluxe and all
other vloader2 Deluxe Patch's 1st

Update Information v2.80  Jan 20, 2006:
*Includes all previous patch fixes
*vloader2 Deluxe automatically clears and
 cleans settings during new installations
*vloader2 Deluxe few other bugs fixed
*Modified VirtualDrive-Setup so its not so
 bothersome and can be bypassed easily now
*Added some new features to VirtualDrive-Setup
*Updated VirtualDrive-Setup with some new
 help + help buttons - etc..
*VirtualDrive-Setup various bugs fixed


vloader2 Deluxe - Patch v2.7c  (9-15-2005)
* Fixed where Turtle base(s) were not removed at times when you
pressed the v1.10 or the GameSpy button(s) to set all clean for
the official version 1.10 gameplay. This would cause the ERROR
at GameSpy if other players did not have the same Turtle settings
you had. The ERROR message would state that typical someone was
trying to cheat - bla bla blah..
* This Patch includes the older v2.7b
Requires version 2.7 or up...

 v2.7b (9-9-2005)
*Fixed several VD Setup bugs.
*Improved the VD Setup menu.
*Fixed some Turtle bugs.
*Fixed problem when click Info button.

	Final Version - Update v2.70
	N.A.S.D.A. Products 8-8-2005

Uninstall vloader2 Deluxe and all
other vloader2 Deluxe Patch's 1st!

Update Information v2.70  August 8, 2005:
*Updated VD-Setup with new features like help buttons
*Fixed vloader2 Deluxe compatiblity with the map-Editor
*Added version detection for future Patch installs
*Added check for vloader2 Deluxe web updates button
*Fixed other minor vloader2 Deluxe related things

Update Information v2.60  August 1, 2005:
* Fixed Launch button failure to launch game
* Fixed freeze up right after installation
* Fixed Preference bugs
* Added 1 rare AI map(maps menu)
* Added 5 Auto load standard maps(maps menu)
* Revised VD-setup menu detection problems
* Finished NewRelease link
* Added a vloader2 Deluxe registry removal tool
* Added a About dialog box
* Added new some features
* Touched up various other things
vloader2 Deluxe top preview
vloader2 Deluxe Preferences

vloader2 Deluxe Virtual Drive Setup - Requires Virtual Drive
vloader2 Deluxe Map Loader

vloader2 Deluxe TURTLE selector

Turtle Mod:

Turtles are AI(only)
Turtle Base's that
build things like T3
Cannon Fortress's
with Cobra full
track trucks even in
T1 mode.
Also they can attack
inside your defense
unlike norm AI.
I don't think there
is any advantage in
making a human base
Turtle(not sure)...