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Video Display Adapter Some Video Adapters do not have the texel offset or alignment problems Warzone2100.
Below Video Display Adapters do not have texel alignment problems with Warzone2100 in WindowsXP or Windows98 SE
jjjjVisionTek 9600XT Xtasy 256MB (Best for WXP + W98SE) DDEnumCallbackEx ERROR in Win98se
jjjGeForce4 Xtasy Tornado 128MB MX440 Best for W98se (but need nvidia v56.64 and v56.72 see below)
jjjGeforce4 MX440 128MB Best for W98se (but need nvidia v56.64 and v56.72 see below)
jjRadeon 9000 Pro 128MB(not sure about Windows98se on this one - but it works good in WindowsXP)
jjATI Radeon 9600 256MB Major Glitches plus DDEnumCallbackEx ERROR in Win98se
jVoodoo2 Voodoo3 Voodoo5
Below Video Display Adapters that have the texel alignment problems with Warzone2100 in WindowsXP and Win98se
4GeForce e6200
4GeForce 5500 series
4GeForce4 Xtasy 64MB
4GeForce3 Elsa Gladiac 920 64 MB
As you probably allready noticed while using the in game Chat of Warzone2100 it looks garbled or hard to read on most new Video Display Adapters.
This problem is related to texel offset or alignment and effects text.
In case you have the texel alignment problem with your Video Adapter you may be able to find the compatible Video Display Adapter on this page and then search ebay for the Video Display Card.
NOTE - Some of the cards still requires the nvidia driver version v56.64 Download for Windows98se, and version v56.72 Download for Windows XP, then after video driver installed go into nVIEW menu and click the Direct3D MORE settings and slide the slider all the way to the right to ZERO.
I've tested several Video Adapters and on this page are the results.
If you've found a newer Video Display Adapter that has no texel offset problems with Warzone2100, please email me and let me know so I can add it to this page, same applys to Video Display Adapters that have texel offset problems.
nvidia and its drivers are owned by nvidia all rights reserved